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IBoClick is a new and innovative drum concept – connects language and rhythm in a simple and playful way.
The specially invented IBoClick drum language enables to learn and play interesting rhythms on any chosen
percussion instrument.

By playing in a group, the team spirit is being aroused and challenged through IBoClick for everyone. By playing in
a small and/or large group, each participant fully experiences his or her own importance in the group through the
rhythmical connection. Every player contributes to the rhythm sounding fluently round!

Already at the time of the primitive nations, it served as means of communication. When you look at how people
in Africa and Brazil and in so many other countries and cultures around the world, are joined together through percussion and how they play together, have fun and success, then the IBoClick drum concept is the ideal start
for you to learn how to drum.

The IBoClick drum concept is the perfect addition to modern musical school teaching as well as to adults’ dedicated training. Also business seminars can create an exciting diversity and relaxation by drumming together.
It can even build and strengthen team work.

Drumming is a universal way of expressing which surpasses all personal and cultural boundaries. Because everyone is playing together and especially is listening to each other, the everyday barriers in school- and business life between teachers and pupils, managers and employees are taken down by drumming with IBoClick.

The common goal to motivate everyone and collectively create something and collectively reach that goal, is the main purpose here. With the IBoClick drum concept quick success and motivated continuation is guaranteed.

Prices and dates for workshops are on request!