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When I was 6 years old, my mother’s pots and detergent boxes were no longer safe from me because I was completely smitten by drums and rhythms.Shortly after, I learned the rudiments on drums as well as classic percussion at the local music school.

After several years of being a musician in an orchestra and a band drummer, I went to the DANTE AGOSTINI school in Strasbourg, where I gained live, and studio experiences. I played live shows and tours with bands like General Store, Chapel Hill, Dead End, The Dead Flowers, April Joy and has shared the stage with Johnny Winter, Gotthard, Koritni, Apocalyptica, Moriarty, Joseph Arthur, Vdeli and many more.

At that time, Simon Phillips and Terry Bozzio were my biggest role models. During a seminar in Munich, I got to know Terry personally and a few years later he invited me to his workshop-tour in France. This enabled me to learn from him directly.

I even learned from colleagues like Jim Chapin, Christophe Bras, Udo Dahmen, Virgil Donati , Thomas Lang, Mike Mangini and Bertram Engel.

After my graduation in Strasbourg, I decided to go and study drums and percussion at ATLA, the famous music school in Paris.

With the right "know-how" and a diploma with top grades in my pocket, I went back to Strasbourg, where I run my own mobile drum school on both sides of the Rhine since 2003.

I have many students from 5 to 75 years old to whom I teach drums, classic percussion, world percussion such as Djembe, Cajon etc. and drumcircles. Early rhythmic education and rhythm work shops in Jazz and Latin are also part of the program.

With my own "IBoClick" drum concept I lectured at a lot of workshops and seminars among others at the Pedagogical Institute of Teacher Education of the City of Munich, the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich and the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich and several general schools. Furthermore, I was on the road with the "Masterclass concept Drums & Sound" for workshops e.g. at the CIAM in Bordeaux (France).

In addition to my activities as a teacher, lecturer and transcriber, I also play internationally as a live/studio drummer and percussionist.

A close collaboration allies me with companies like Agner Drumsticks, Mapex Drums, Paiste and Aquarian drum heads.

D’ Gälfiässler s ‘gäle vum Ei (1996) The Dead Flowers H.C. (2004) Freiburg Tapes Volume 3 (2005) No Hits No Airplay So What (2011) Chapel Hill Down On Your Knees (2008) Songs To Die For (2009) In My Time of Dying (2009) If These Wings Should Fail Me (2010) When The Lights Begin To Diem (2010) General Store Somewhere In The Middle (2012) Compil Vs Cancer 2012 (2012) Book's Gotthard Hena Habegger The Drumbook of BANG!